Veterans Law

Veterans law covers those veterans benefits that are administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) through its adjudication process.  This includes disability compensation and pensions, educational benefits, home loans, and medical benefits.  The largest component of the system’s workload by far involves claims for disability compensation.  The essence of a compensation claim is that the veteran has a current disability or has died as a result of an injury or disease that occurred during service.  In some cases, the connection — frequently called the “nexus” — is presumed based upon statutory provisions, although in other cases medical evidence is necessary to prove the relationship between the in-service event and the current condition.

The two defining characteristics of the VA adjudication process are:

  • Claimants may not pay an attorney to assist them at the beginning of the claims process (although many attorneys and legal service organizations provide assistance for free), and
  • VA has numerous notification and assistance duties with which it must comply to help claimants develop their claims before VA makes a decision on the claimant’s application.

Veterans have other special rights and privileges, such as government employment preferences.  However, claims under those laws are not filed with VA.


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